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There is a big problem in the LEGO investing world.

Everyone loves to talk about which sets to buy but no one explains how to actually take your hard earned cash and potentially double it.They all act like the money just magically appears.Spoiler: it doesn’tYou need a machine that takes in boxes of LEGO and spits out cash.Not only do you need that machine, but you need to know how to operate that machine.When the machine has an inevitable hiccup, you need to know how to fix it.Without this machine and the knowledge required to operate it, you will be stuck with a mountain of sealed boxes of plastic and nothing to show for it.What is this machine you ask?

The best way to take profit on your LEGO investments is with an Amazon Seller account

Not only do you need an Amazon Seller account, but you need permission to sell the LEGO brand.Once you have that permission, you need to understand how it works.All of this takes time.Trust me when I say that you can’t just decide to do all of this last minute.Putting it off is a giant mistake.The Amazon selling platform is not intuitive.There are a million landmines that have the potential to cost you money or even get you banned, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Joining my group called "The Conference Room" will show you how to build your Amazon machine, save you a ton of time, keep you from making costly mistakes

No one in the LEGO investing world shows you exactly how to list and sell a LEGO set on Amazon.Feel free to try and find that on YouTube (you won’t).I will though.Here is what you will learn inside the LEGO Investing Mastery guide that comes FREE with access to the group:


How to get signed up for an Amazon Seller account


How to get permission to sell the LEGO brand


How to properly list and sell your LEGO

By the end of it, you will be able to confidently operate your new machine when it comes time to actually make money.You will have everything you need to turn your LEGO sets into cash.

Lifetime Access to The Conference Room is only $199.  This offer will expire soon.

In case I didn't make that clear: YOU ONLY PAY ONCE, $199 for lifetime access

If you join and hate it after a month of being there, I'll send you a full refund.

In just 105 minutes, the guide will teach you:

  • How LEGO investing works

  • Why LEGO sets go up in price

  • How to know when LEGO sets are set to retire

  • How to make the most amount of money per LEGO set

  • The exact steps required from start to finish with real historic examples

  • The best way to take profit on your investment positions

  • How to find LEGO sets that are expected to perform well

It will also keep you from making costly mistakes like:

  • Buying the wrong LEGO sets

  • Buying the wrong number of any given LEGO set

  • Tying up your capital too early

  • Not being able to cash out your profits when the time comes


Access to the group includes access to another premium guide of mine called Textbook Flipping Mastery that makes use of your Amazon seller account year-round ($249 value)Oh yeah, you'll be able to take advantage of these things too:

  • Unlimited Q&A with me and expert LEGO investors

  • Premium ungating instructions

  • Additional shorter video guides

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